Marsh & McLennan Agency employs a full-time claims staff dedicated to handle claims, which in turn allows us to focus direct attention to the special needs of our clients and provide prompt and orderly resolution to their claims.

Our Claims Team has an extensive commercial insurance experience, including an average of 10 years as independent and company claims adjusters. They have been involved in numerous claims on a wide variety of coverages.

From first notice to final settlement, we believe in maintaining an active involvement in discussions with you, your loss adjusters, insurers, and legal representatives. Through long established contacts with major markets and experience in handling some of the industry’s most complex claims, we have been able to overcome obstacles that inevitably arise in the event of a claim. Our goal is to ensure that those obstacles do not result in reduced or delayed claim settlements to you.

What to do if you have a claim?

  • Arrange for first aid for the injured
  • Protect the aircraft or other property from further loss
  • Notify authorities, as needed. Review the official safety procedures of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) procedures
  • Notify the insurance company or JSL Aviation (1-800-654-7892 or 1-678-639-4100) as soon as possible to report the details of the accident.
  • Avoid making statements about the loss (except to government officials) until the insurance company grants permission
  • Do not initiate repair work without insurance company authorization
  • As the claim process proceeds, call on us at anytime with any questions; or concerns that you might have.

If you need to report a claim outside of normal business hours, you will find the Emergency Claim Number for your insurance company on this list. Call the Emergency number for the fastest response.


Aerospace Insurance Mgrs. / Hallmark Insurance Company
Claims Reporting:
To report a loss or claim, please contact either the producer
shown on your policy, or
Aerospace directly at 888-880-1289
Fax:  972-852-1213

AIG / Commerce and Industry Insurance
Claims Reporting:
Fax:  602-280-1937
Phone:  602-468-8709

AIG / National Union Fire Insurance Co of Pittsburgh PA
Claims Reporting:
Claims Manager:  Eric Rank
1200 Abernathy Road
Building 600
Atlanta, GA 30328-5661
Tel: 678.320.1234 / Fax: 866.632.1066

Allianz / Allianz Global Risks US Insurance
Claims Reporting:
Phone:  800-211-6647

Claims Reporting:
Fax:  877-201-4125
After hours:  815-738-2755
24 hr emergency:  815-275-1133

Global Aerospace / Global Aerospace Inc.
Claims Reporting:
Central Zone Pleasure
3399 Peachtree Road, NE
Suite 1100
Atlanta, Georgia 30326

Kevin Twiss
AVP, Claims Manager
Cell: 770-634-8701

Nancy Karlen
Senior Claims Representative
Cell: 404-918-0174

Business Unit
1089 Grandview Drive
Building 24, Suite 150
Overland Park KS 66210

Paul Martin
AVP, Claims Manager
Cell:  913-961-0095

Brandie Campbell
Claims Representative
Cell: 913-691-7461

London Aviation Underwriters
Claims Reporting:

Menger Underwriting Services c/o Halton Hall / Allianz Global
Claims Reporting:
Phone: 800-880-0808
Fax: 817-568-2996

QBE / QBE Insurance Corporation
Claims Reporting:
Phone:  770-794-6400
Cell:  Bob Porter 513-833-7076 or direct dial 770-794-6405

Old Republic Aerospace
Claims Reporting:
Phone:  770-590-4950 Les Sychak
Fax:  770-919-8646

Starr Aviation (Chubb)
Claims Reporting:
Emergency Phone:  214-223-0202 Jeffrey Greenawalt
Atlanta fax:  404-946-1497
Atlanta office:  404-946-1400

USAIG / United States Aviation Underwriters
Claims Reporting:
Phone:  404-365-7000
Fax:  404-365-7030
Emergency Contact:  866-789-1986

US Specialty / U. S. Specialty Insurance Company
Claims Reporting:
Phone:  800-467-8731
Fax:  469-633-7520

W. Brown & Associates
Claims Reporting:
Phone:  949-851-2060
Fax:  949-681-7393

XL Specialty / XL Insurance
Claims Reporting:
Phone:  800-443-2949
Fax:  866-262-9002